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TrueLife AquaFloss Compact C300 oral shower
TrueLife AquaFloss Compact C300 oral shower
TrueLife AquaFloss Compact C300 oral shower

Did you know that most tooth decay occurs in the spaces between the teeth? Regular and proper oral hygiene is therefore very important. The TrueLife AquaFloss Compact C300 water flosser provides easy and gentle yet highly effective cleaning, even in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.

It offers 5 different modes and the package includes 6 replacement nozzles designed for specific needs. The whole family can use it, and everyone can choose.


  • removes up to 99% of dental plaque and bacteria
  • offers gentler cleaning than flossing and interdental brushes
  • prevents tooth decay and gingivitis
  • massages, improves circulation and helps regeneration in the gums
  • compact design great for travelling
  • suitable for the entire family

Technical specifications:

  • StreamTrue® technology – combines air and water droplets to penetrate even the smallest spaces and remove up to 99% of plaque and bacteria
  • PulseTrue® technology – creates pulse waves that massage the gums, improve circulation and help with gum regeneration
  • 5 cleaning modes from lowest intensity to deep cleaning (soft, medium, strong, pulse, DIY)
  • DIY function – allows you to create your own cleaning mode
  • memory function – remembers the last mode used
  • 360° swivel head – cleans every corner of your mouth easily
  • USB cable charging, 14 days’ battery life (when used twice a day for 2 minutes)
  • timer – switches off automatically after 2 minutes
  • tank volume of 300 ml, can be filled by removing the whole tank or by lifting the lid
  • pressure range from 8–110 PSI, dimensions 63 × 304 × 68 mm, weight 239 g
  • IPX7 waterproof rating

Package contains:

  • AquaFloss Compact C300 water flosser
  • replacement nozzles C-series: 3 × standard, 1 × dental plaque, 1 × orthodontic, 1 × periodontal
  • nozzle sleeve and leatherette cover
  • USB cable
  • instructions

User's guide can be found HERE

TrueLifeAquaFloss Compact C300 oral shower

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Standard replacement nozzles 3 pc + Dental Plaque replacement nozzles 1 pc + Orthodontic replacement nozzles 1 pc + Periodontal replacement nozzles 1 pc + USB + case

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