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About vegan beauty products

It is possible to survive without animal ingredients. Discover high-quality vegan cosmetics and enjoy perfect care for your face, body and hair. Vegan cosmetics are a frequently discussed topic nowadays and the number of vegan beauty brands is increasing all the time. Try vegan makeup, vegan hair dye, vegan shampoo or vegan skin care for yourself!

What does vegan mean?

Veganism is not just a diet in which people omit animal products from their food. It is a complete lifestyle philosophy, which rejects the use of animals for food, clothing or even beauty products. In practice, this means that vegans do not use cosmetic products containing even one ingredient of animal origin. They often also check the material used for the packaging.

What ingredients won’t you find in vegan cosmetics and what is used to replace them?

  • Honey primarily hydrates and softens in cosmetic products, but it can often cause an allergic reaction. It is replaced by shea butter or coconut oil in vegan shampoo, shower gel or creams.
  • Beeswax provides protection against the cold both to bees in the hive and to human skin. Plant-based jojoba works in the same way.
  • Lard is a common ingredient in healing ointments. Plant oils and butters have a very similar effect, however, to animal fats.
  • Keratin is a common ingredient in shampoo and conditioner. It is obtained from animals’ horns, hooves or feathers. However, it is also possible to find plant keratin in nature.
  • Collagen was originally obtained from cow cells, but now it is taken from fish. It is replaced in vegan products by cold-pressed vegetable oil.
  • Lanolin protects sheep against adverse weather conditions. It is secreted through the sebaceous glands and extracted from sheep’s wool. Lanolin can be successfully replaced by cocoa or shea butter, which also have other great properties not offered by lanolin.
  • The placenta has rejuvenating effects. It is obtained from the uterus of slaughterhouse animals and is a common ingredient in face creams and regenerating masks. These effects are replaced in vegan cosmetics by plant masks or serums.
  • Milk is used in regular cosmetics in its dry form, as cream, yogurt or whey. It is added to shower gels, body lotions, hair products and face masks. Animal milk is easily replaced by soya milk, which is similarly rich in protein. In the place of yogurt, you can apply products with panthenol to irritated skin. And aloe vera gel is just as effective at cleaning and detoxing as whey.

Which vegan cosmetics can you find at

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