Vichy Normaderm Unclogging Exfoliating Gel

  • Vichy Normaderm Unclogging Exfoliating Gel

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    • Vichy Normaderm Unclogging Exfoliating Gel 125 mlUnclogging Exfoliating Gel 

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      125 ml
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    Description of the product Vichy Normaderm



    Cosmetic quality



    According to skin problems

    acne and problematic skin, pores and oily skin


    For All Ages


    Oily, problematic




    Vichy Normaderm cleansing and peeling gel is ideal as an intensive treatment of greasy and problematic skin. It contains special smoothing elements to provide deep cleansing and unclog your pores and to smooth the surface of your skin. This Vichy peeling gel removes excess sebum and prevents ugly reddening of pimples.

    It has a light texture which creates rich foam and is easy to wash off. Use regularly to make your skin cleaner and softer. Hypoallergenic. Get rid of the unwanted glistening on your face and make your skin perfect again! Use extraordinarily efficient Vichy Normaderm cleansing and peeling gel regularly!


    • deep cleansing
    • unclogged pores
    • removed dead cells
    • smoother surface of your skin
    • removed excess sebum
    • no unwanted glistening


    • glycolic and salicylic acids - remove dead cells and unclogged pores
    • thermal water from Vichy - contains 17 mineral and 13 trace elements, soothing and strengthening effets, significantly reduces the signs of skin irritation, protects against free radicals and improves immunity of your skin

    Type of skin:

    Suitable for greasy and problematic skin.


    Apply a small amount of gel on moistened face and neck in the morning or evening. Create some foam and massage gently while pushing more on your forehead, nose, and chin. Avoid the area around your eyes. Wash off well with clean water.

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