Vita Liberata InvisiSelf-Tanning Water

Vita Liberata Invisi Self-Tanning Water
Vita Liberata Invisi Self-Tanning Water
Shade Super Dark 200 ml

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Product description Vita Liberata Invisi

Vita Liberata Invisi self-tanning water will create the effect of a natural and sexy tan like you’ve just returned from a beach holiday.


  • provides a natural-looking tan
  • dries quickly and doesn’t rub off
  • darkens your skin gradually for 4 to 6 hours


  • ginkgo biloba extract – restores skin vitality
  • raspberry extract – moisturises and slows down skin ageing
  • Flash Dry™ technology – make the product dry quickly
  • free of fragrance and alcohol

How to use:
Apply to clean exfoliated skin and spread evenly using a tanning mitt. Don’t use moisturising products before application.


Skin type
all skin types

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