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Wilkinson Sword Manicure Clippers nail clippers
Wilkinson Sword Manicure Clippers nail clippers

Make nail clipping easy. Wilkinson Sword Manicure Clippers effortlessly trim hard and stubborn toenails with precision. The mini size makes them ideal for on-the-go use. The chrome coating ensures optimal corrosion protection and durability.


  • cuts nail edges with precision and comfort
  • chrome coating to prevent corrosion
  • made from high-quality steel
  • small size ideal for travelling

Notino tip: 
Soften toenails by soaking before trimming to prevent cracking. Clip nails straight across with stainless steel blades to avoid ingrown nails.

Wilkinson SwordManicure Clippers nail clippers

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Friday 24/05/2024
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Friday 24/05/2024