Wooden Combs and Hair Brushes

Wooden combs and hair brushes
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Wooden Hair Brush

Enjoy the elegant look of pear, guaiac or bamboo wood and get a stylish wooden hair brush to detangle your hair without causing any damage.

A wooden hair brush or comb will look fantastic and become a great tool in your daily hair care routine – from your morning styling to little touch-ups or detangling during blow-drying. Discover its benefits today!

Benefits of a Wooden Hair Brush

  • Wooden bristles are gentle on your hair and don’t cause damage.
  • It prevents static electricity in your hair and doesn’t cause fly-aways.
  • You can use it for a gentle scalp massage.
  • Has an anti-slip handle and fits into your hand comfortably.
  • It’s made of natural materials.
  • It becomes a stylish piece in your bathroom.

Wooden Comb or Hair Brush? Which One to Go for?

The most important question is what type your hair is and how do you want to style it. Ideally, you should have several brushes or combs and alternate between them depending on what you need:

  • A wide-toothed wooden comb is great for detangling wet hair before blow-drying. It’s also amazing for people with curly hair because it doesn’t damage the texture of the hair – the curlier your hair is, the wider the teeth on your comb should be.
  • A flat hair brush can be used to perfectly detangle long hair. It prevents tangling and can be used during blow-drying to smooth your hair down.
  • A round wooden hair brush with boar bristles will help you style your hair during blow-drying. It brushes the natural oils from your scalp through your hair and leaves your hair beautifully shiny and protected. You can use it on straight as well as slightly wavy hair.

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