Almond oil

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Your hair and skin need nutrients! Try almond oil with all its vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances and discover an easy way to look and feel healthier!

Almond oil for face

Almond oil will be simply amazing for your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive, dry and prone to flaking. You can use it as a moisturiser or a makeup remover that doesn’t irritate skin.

Almond oil for body

Almond oil makes your skin firmer and prevents both stretch marks and cellulite. It also heals burns, eczema and psoriasis, not to mention you can use it as a massage oil.

Almond oil for hair

This oil renews hair follicles and keeps your hair glossy. It only takes two almond-oil treatments a month to see the amazing results!

Try a lovely almond oil from Saloos, Soaphoria, Collistar or other brand at a fantastic price!