Amouage Interlude Eau de Parfum for Men

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Description of the perfume Amouage Interlude


Perfume bottle



Overall impression


Top notes

Oregano, Bergamot

Middle notes

Amber, Opopanax, Frankincense, Cistus

Base notes

Agar Wood, Smoky Notes, Leather, Sandalwood, Patchouli

Amouage Interlude is a spicy, woody fragrance for men with a strong presence of balm. This Eau de Parfum from an independent luxurious perfume brand based in London, which draws inspiration from the rich and varied heritage of its birthplace in the Sultanate of Oman, is a harmonic fragrance offering a quiet moment in the middle of the world’s chaos, and, like all the other Amouage perfumes, is uniquely inspiring.

The Amouage Interlude Eau de Parfum for men was released together with its variant for women; both fragrances are inspired by the chaos and disorder of this world which are transferred to the intimate level, investigating their interplay. It interprets all the suffering that we need to overcome to achieve personal satisfaction and a feeling of success, offering a moment of harmony in this eternal struggle.

In making Interlude, the renowned perfume designer Pierre Negrin builds on the reputation of a brand valued for its rediscovery of familiar scents. Incense traditionally gives fragrances a spiritual and religious tone, but in the Interlude Eau de Parfum, its highly original use makes it seem modern and sophisticated. The composition of Amouage Interlude is imaginative and perfectly balanced and the resulting fragrance is a true masterpiece.

Amouage Interlude for men opens with notes of fresh bergamot, oregano and allspice oil, capturing the intervals of conflict and meeting the aromatic accords of amber, incense, opoponax and cistus in the fragrance’s heart. The eternal notes of leather, smoke, patchouli, sandalwood and agarwood in the base give the Interlude Eau de Parfum lasting layers of depth and texture.

The Amouage Interlude Eau de Parfum will be appreciated by men who like fragrances full of deep meaning. It will forever win the hearts of everyone who likes spicy and woody fragrances with traditional notes used in an original way, as well as everyone who can appreciate true quality and precision in each step of perfume-making. Interlude is suitable for day and evening wear throughout the year. It makes its wearer feel important and meaningful, helping them find a moment of peace even in the greatest chaos of everyday life.

Besides the arresting fragrances, which are the result of a manufacturing process meeting the strictest standards of quality, all the perfumes made by Amouage also stand out with their luxurious packaging. The crystal Interlude bottle, in deep and enchanting midnight blue with gold decorative elements complemented with a sapphire blue Swarowski crystal, excites with its elegant, sophisticated and sumptuous design. The stylish box in lively colours visually interprets the theme of organised chaos.

Amouage Interlude – the fragrance of a harmonious moment in life’s eternal chaotic battle. 

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