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Annick Goutal Perfume

About Annick Goutal

The niche perfume brand Annick Goutal is just as unique and visionary as its founder. Not only did she give the brand her name, she also gave it her exceptional talent – a sense of smell which became a lifelong passion

Annick Goutal was originally going to be a pianist. After studying music for many years, however, she rebelliously defied her seemingly inevitable fate. The turning point for her was a meeting with the perfumer Henri Sorsana in 1977. In creating fragrance she had found her true calling.

The very first perfume made by Annick Goutal herself was Eau d’Hadrien, launched back in 1980. This was followed by the opening of a perfume house in Saint-Germain, which confirmed definitively that a new star had been born amongst niche fragrances. Annick Goutal perfumes began writing a new chapter for the French perfume industry.

Annick’s daughter successfully followed her lifelong work and so today you too can see into the magical world of enduring fragrances, full of natural nobility, emotion and creativity.

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