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Giorgio Armani Sì 

The name of Giorgio Armani has always been associated with luxury, style and elegance.  Armani treats all his designs as pieces of art with his strong attention for detail and perfectionism. His fragrance collection Armani Sì is a tribute to the modern, sophisticated and independent woman who’s strong yet feminine. Explore the Armani Sì range and discover the best fit for you, try blooming fragrance Sì Fiori, powerful Sì Passione or timeless Armani Sì today!

The history of the Armani brand

Giorgio Armani began his fashion career in Italy as a window dresser in 1964 after a brief time in the military service. With his in-depth knowledge of fabric and a strong sense of design, he was taken on as a designer for Hitman, a men’s clothing company.

His own menswear label Emporio Armani was founded in 1975 and a year later a womenswear collection was added. In the 1980s Giorgio Armani completely transformed the wardrobes of professional women by creating deconstructive pantsuits in elegant colours that quickly replaced outdated floral skirts. The fashion has changed forever and he turned into a frequent presenter of luxury clothing on the runways of Rome, Paris, London and New York City.

Giorgio Armani has become the most influential and celebrated fashion brand providing sophisticated, timeless and high-quality clothing, jewellery, fragrances and aftershaves with global appeal.

Giorgio Armani Sì Perfume collection

Giorgio Armani creates fragrances that are a true symbol of perfection and harmony. The high-quality ingredients, seductive blends and vibrant scents create feminine fragrances that are adored all over the globe. These long-lasting fragrances will enchant you with intoxicating florals, sensual wood notes and captivating spices and leave the best impression on the passers-by. Armani perfume should not miss in any perfume collection. 

The Armani Sì collection includes:

  • Armani Sì
  • Armani Sì Passione
  • Armani Sì Intense
  • Armani Sì Fiori 

Giorgio Armani Sì perfume for Women 

The luxurious women’s fragrance by Giorgio Armani embodies modern femininity and chic elegance. Its intoxicating scent lingers on the skin and leaves great impression minutes after you leave the room. 

The scent combines three main notes: blackcurrant nectar, freesia, rose complemented with wood, vanilla and patchouli in the base of the fragrance. 

It is a perfect fragrance for the woman who says YES to life: Sì to Strength, Sì to Dreams, Sì to Freedom, Sì to Love and Sì to Her true self.

Armani Sì comes in three perfume types. The higher the perfume concentration, the more intensive and long-lasting scent:

  • Armani Sì Eau de Toilette for Women gives a more instant scent. This fragrance has a dominate heart note that engages and then slowly fades. The lighter scent of Armani Sì EDT could be perfect in the summer months or for everyday wear.
  • Armani Sì Eau de Parfum for Women provides its wearer with strong everlasting scent, that lingers on your skin all day long. Armani Sì EDP is perfect for nights out, events, and when you want to make a long-lasting first impression.
  • Armani Sì Perfumed Oil for Women has more fragrant, yet more subtle scent. Armani Sì Perfume Oil lasts longer and is great for sensitive skin as it is less likely to irritate skin than spray based products. The Armani Sì Perfumed Oil for Women has a fruity, chypre aroma designed for all-day wear.

If you fell in love with this range, consider the Armani Sì Body Lotion for Women. The magic ingredients of the collection are present and it will also help you hold the fragrance to your skin much longer. 

Armani Sì Passione Eau de Parfum for Women 

Armani Sì Passione is a delightful and powerful variant on the Armani Sì perfume. This fruity-floral fragrance is enthused with both strength and sensitivity. First, it opens with blackcurrant nectar combined with notes of pear. These top notes are followed by hints of vanilla, jasmine, rose petals and heliotrope. The heart of the fragrance includes cedarwood and Orcanox™. Armani Sì Passione is perfect for everyday wear as well as for evening occasions.

Armani Sì Intense Eau de Parfum for Women

Armani Sì Intense perfume is for the woman who is daring and confident. She is not afraid to take risks or break social norms. The scent opens with freesia, bergamot and black currant followed with hints of neroli, artemisia and rose. The fragrance ends with woody notes and touches of vanilla and patchouli. The overall feeling is very fruity, bold and...intense.

Armani Sì Fiori Eau de Parfum for Women

Inspired by flowers, this delicate Armani perfume is for the woman who is having a strong connection to nature. Its wearer “feels fantastic in her own skin” as Giorgio Armani states.

The Armani Sì Fiori fragrance provides a beautiful light alternative to the stronger and more dominant scents in the Armani Sì perfume range. The sparkling top notes of blackcurrant and tangerine are followed by neroli essential oil and rose. The scent ends with vanilla notes and white musk giving the fragrance the chic and elegant feeling.

Giorgio Armani Sì Perfume Gift Sets

Wearing Armani Sì perfume provides that splash of luxury we all need in our lives. Treat your loved ones or yourself to a luxury perfume gift set Armani Sì Fiori. It will amaze and delight any woman that loves fresh bold scents.

The gold star on the red background with the word Armani appearing in the centre has been known to bring a happy smile.

The gift set contains the following items:

  • Armani Sì Fiori Eau de Parfum for Women 50ml bottle
  • Armani Sì Fiori Eau de Parfum for Women 7ml bottle
  • Armani Si Body Lotion for Women

Nothing says luxury and elegance quite like Armani fragrances. Armani Sì perfume collection is diverse, feminine and irresistible. Explore it and spoil yourself with a little bit of luxury!