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Banila Co

About Banila Co

Makeup is great fun until you run into problems while trying to remove it. This is exactly what Banila Co. Korean beauty wants to address. The mission of this brand is to save all the makeup enthusiasts and help them restore their skin to an amazing condition. Because only healthy and well-treated skin can be the perfect canvas for a stunning makeup look.


Banila Co. was founded in 2006 in South Korea and later became the leader of the K-beauty market. The brand offers powerful and highly effective products designed for different skin types with a special focus on fitting into your skin-care routine. Whether you want to look gorgeous for a romantic dinner or you need to get ready for a special occasion, you can always rely on Banila Co. products to help you get there with astonishing effects.

Discover the secret of Korean skin care and try the cult-favourite Banila Co. Clean It Zero Original cleansing balm as the first step of your makeup removal. This balm is so popular that world-wide, one is sold every 3 seconds. You can then finish your makeup removal with Banila Co. Dear Hydration toner and make your foundation last with the Banila Co. Prime primer. Banila Co. – a true #skincare_for_make_up.

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