Keep Your Face Clean With Post-Workout Skincare Routine

June 7, 2019Notino
Newsflash! Living an active life can fill you up with positive energy and make you feel great. But, your skin might not be as in love with gym visits as you are. In order to change this, cleaning your skin after working up a sweat is the most important thing to do to keep it healthy. Unfortunately, washing your face with your hands just doesn’t cut it anymore. Read on to discover the softest, most thorough cleanse and targeted firming massage this smart device has to offer.

Clean Skin = Happy Skin

The name is LUNA 3, the brand is Swedish beauty giant FOREO, and the benefits are exquisite. If you’re after looking radiant and refreshed, this electric face cleanser takes cleansing a soft step further compared to its predecessors. Longer and softer touchpoints on an even bigger brush head effectively remove the sweat, grime, and oil that can come from a workout in just a few passes across the face and voila! LUNA 3 will help your skin stay fit and healthy - now you can finally care for your skin the way you do for your body.

Targeted Firming Facial Massage

If only there was a workout for your face, right? A bit more firm here, a bit less uneven there, and smooth and younger-looking everywhere. Say no more - in addition to eliminating 99,5% of gunk and dead skin cells, LUNA 3’s specialty is an assortment of firming massage routines for the ultimate anti-age effect. Download the FOREO app, connect it to your LUNA 3 and select the preferred massage routine. Face, eye contour, neck - the mini massage targets specific spots with visible results.

Quit “I’ll Start Tomorrow Excuse” Today

From hitting the gym to work meetings to hanging out with friends - finding time for skincare in a jam-packed schedule shouldn’t be a nuisance. If “pressed for time” is one of your common excuses, you’re gonna have to think of a new one! The use of this simple, app-connected device will keep your skin looking smooth and rejuvenated in just 1 minute every morning and evening. For a year, that is, because one full charge equals 650 uses.

Sweep Dirt and Grime

There is nothing wrong with pushing your own boundaries at the gym, as long as you’re not compromising safety. Same applies to LUNA 3, made of non-porous & non-abrasive silicone that repels bacteria for ultimate skin protection. The sonic facial cleanser comes in three brush varieties for normal, sensitive and combination skin and never requires a replacement brush giving more bang for your buck. If that’s not personalized enough for you, there are 16-speed intensities you can choose from via FOREO app.

Gym-proof Your Skin

Exercise is good for your body and your mind, but it can easily wreak havoc to the appearance of your skin if you don't care for it properly. Bring your post-gym glowing look to a whole new level with LUNA 3 facial cleanse and anti-age massage even after the hardest workout.

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