A Halloween Party on Your Nails

October 26, 2021Notino
Some people love it, others hate it, some just ignore it. I know that not everyone might be gung-ho for Halloween, but it has increasingly become part of our social life, whether that’s on social media, or in the form of actual Halloween parties. If you’re the type of person who enjoys this fun and creepy festival, you know that a boring costume would be a cardinal sin. That’s why we bring you some tips for a crazy yet completely simple Halloween manicure!

Halloween Pumpkins 

This one is a real must-have – especially since orange is the hit colour of this autumn season. So how do you paint scary pumpkins on your nails? It’s really simple. 

Step 1

Start by choosing a gorgeous orange nail varnish – I recommend the Essie Tangerine Tease! Apply it to the entire nail and let it dry. Ideally apply a second coat to make the colour really intense.

Step 2

Once the nail varnish is dry, start painting the face. Use the Essie Nails black nail varnish in Licorine to draw a mouth and a pair of eyes on every nail. What should they look like? Doesn’t matter, it’s completely up to your imagination! Personally I prefer looking up a photo as inspiration, but it’s really your choice!

Step 3

TIP: Painting the face is quite a bit of detail work and you’ll definitely appreciate the right nail-art brush.

Bloody Fingernails 

This manicure will be absolutely perfect if you’re planning to go as a creepy nurse! Once again, it only takes two nail varnishes to complete the look. 

Step 1

Start with Essie Nails in Blanc as a spotless white base, and again remember to put on two coats instead of one which could be too thin and streaky.

Step 2

Once it dries, grab the NOBEA Day-to-Day nail varnish in Ladybug Red. Use a toothpick or a nail-art brush to apply the red nail varnish in the shape of dripping blood.

TIP: A little advice based on a personal experience that did NOT go well – definitely don’t try pouring the red over your nails and letting it drip down naturally. The nail varnish doesn’t have the right consistency to do that and simply leaves a big red patch of colour. 



Black&white manicure goes with everything, all you need is a Halloween upgrade. 

Step 1

Start by putting on a base of Essie Nails in Licorine – just like you normally would.


Then take your nail-art tools and Essie Nails in Blanc. Draw two or three slim horizontal lines from the tip of your fingernail down to the middle. Then connect them by drawing thin, uniform arches. Job done!

TIP: This design looks especially nice on pointy fingernails. If your nails are cut more straight, try drawing the spiderweb somewhere else – for instance close to your nail bed. 

Creepy Face 

And finally, let’s do something really simple. This creepy face goes with everything, but it will look particularly great if you sport a matching makeup. 

Once again, we’re starting by coating our fingernails in black. You can even top it with a layer of a mattifying nail varnish. Then simply use a white nail varnish to paint the face! Two big circles near the nail bed will represent the eyes and a thin, crooked line from one edge of the nail to the other will be the mouth. Finally, draw little strokes through the line to look like teeth. You can also add two tiny dots to represent the nose. 


AND A FINAL TIP: No matter what Halloween manicure you go with, try using the NOBEA Nail Care kit to make it last as long as possible! It will give your fingernails an absolutely stunning shine, plus make them look like a fresh gel manicure from a salon. 

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