Best Beard and Hair Trimmers

December 21, 2020Notino
Taking care of your appearance on a regular basis is not just for women – even men want to look sexy and put together. This is why you need a good beard trimmer to get that flawless barbershop trim.

 If you’re considering getting a new beard and hair trimmer, we’ll show you how to pick one that suits your needs perfectly. We’ve even reviewed the best ones for you!

How to Choose a Hair and Beard Trimmer

Whether you need a simple shave or you’re planning a creative new style, you’ll need a quality trimmer that lives up to your expectations. Start by assessing what will you be using the device for – there are many models with various functions, blades made of different materials, with different attachments and other features.

An ideal choice will be a multi-purpose trimmer you can use all over your body. You’ll definitely appreciate a rechargeable device with a long-lasting battery, but the main thing to focus on are the length settings and additional attachments that will help you create the style you want. With these parameters in mind, you can easily pick the right hair and beard trimmer.

Discover the 4 Best Trimmers

  1. The Remington Graphite Series G2 PG2000 hair and beard trimmer promises 40 minutes of use on one charge, which is more than enough for you to achieve the perfect style without bothering with a cable. The main blade will help you create a precise cut or an overall trim, while the linear trimmer can be used on your ears, nose or eyebrows. Its adjustable comb lets you choose between the lengths of 2mm to 20mm – so no need to book that salon appointment!
  2. If you want a perfect cut, you’ll have to look for good, perfectly sharp steel blades with great longevity – like for instance those of the BaByliss For Men T890E. This beard trimmer lasts up to 120 minutes on one full charge, which means you won’t have to recharge it after every use. The trimming head allows you to choose a length between 0.5mm and 12mm. Combining different lengths with the attachments gives you 24 different settings – all from a single beard trimmer!
  3. If you often find that a trimmer tends to tug at your hair of varying thickness and growing in different directions, the Braun Beard Trimmer BT7220 might be your solution. Its innovative AutoSense technology allows the engine to adjust to the individual thickness of every hair and ensure a smooth trim without any unpleasant tugging. The blades will stay sharp throughout your lifetime and can handle even long and thick beards, making it extremely easy to trim and style your facial hair at home.
  4. The stylish BaByliss For Men E977E Smooth Precision rechargeable hair and beard trimmer with carbon-titanium blades offers 26 different length settings from 0.5mm to 25mm. Not to mention it comes with a precision contour trimmer to help you give your beard exactly the right shape you have in mind. Professional results guaranteed! Did our tips help you pick the best bard trimmer? Have you found your Holy Grail, or do you know a better beard and hair trimmer we haven’t mentioned? We’re looking forward to your feedback.

Author: Notino

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