Halloween makeup tutorial: Catwoman and a ghost bride

October 19, 2020Notino
It’s almost Halloween with it carved pumpkins, scary decorations and, of course, imaginative costumes. To make your disguise truly mysterious and magical with a chilly autumn backdrop and hollowed-out pumpkins all lit up, you can never underestimate the right makeup!

And if you’re not a fan of complicated makeup, get inspired by our Halloween makeup tutorials. You can do Halloween makeup in Catwoman or a ghost bride style in just minutes.

Catwoman makeup tutorial

If you’re no fan of scary, bloody costumes and would rather fall back on your feminine side, try transforming yourself into Catwoman.

Cat eyeliner

The basis of this sexy look is distinctive cats’ eyes. Even beginners can use the L’Oréal Paris Superliner waterproof eyeliner pen to draw on smooth lines without faltering. The black is really intense, and you can be sure it’s going to last. Draw a wing-shaped line around the entire eye. For maximum effect, you can fine-tune the details of the line underneath.

Use Unlimited extending mascara to give your perfect cat face an additional dimension. The mascara will emphasise the look and leave your lashes longer, perfectly separated and full of volume. This makes your cats’ eyes look bigger and helps make them look almond-shaped. If you close your eyes, it will look incredibly sexy.

Dark, shimmering lips

Take advantage of the fact that Halloween makeup lets you go for it. Using the Super Liner GelMATIC black gel eye pencil, you can match your lips to the same intense shade as your eyes. For a more sensual smile, try a shimmering lip gloss.

An effective ponytail

The strong makeup for the Catwoman costume means it’s a good idea to go for a simple hairstyle. If you have long hair, go for a ponytail and decorate the end with one or more shades of Colorista temporary hair spray.

A sexy black outfit

For your outfit, you just need something we all probably have at home: black leggings (preferably with a leather effect), a tight-fitting black top and patent high heels.Changing into the perfect Catwoman is only going to take you minutes, but it is a really feminine, sexy and fresh look with the Halloween makeup.

Ghost bride makeup tutorial

If you’re a fan of more scary costumes and prefer natural makeup, the ghost bride costume is the one for you. Surprise your friends with this horrifying yet simple Halloween makeup.

Deathly pale skin

Start by lightening your skin to give it that genuine “dead” touch and give it a porcelain feel. For this you need Infallible More Than Concealer, which also masks any imperfections. We recommend choosing a shade that is a couple of tones lighter than you normally use.

Naturally supernatural eyes

To make your eyes really stand out, use a light eyeshadow. You can opt for almost any shade by L’Oréal Paris Color Queen. They are all in natural, more subtle colours that are perfect for this costume. Stronger eye makeup would actually be wrong for a ghost bride, because the lips wouldn’t stand out.

When doing your makeup, you should never forget about your eyebrows, and it’s no different this time. Your eyebrows frame your face, define your expression and can completely change your face. Using the long-lasting Unbelieva Brow eyebrow gel allows you to emphasise your look effectively and highlight the beauty of your eyes.

Bloody red lips

Now we’re at the most important part of this Halloween makeup – the lips. Use the matt liquid lipstick Rouge Signature Parisian Sunset (in the shade 130 I Amaze) to give your lips the perfect bloody red colour. Apply plenty of lipstick and then use the back of your hand or a cloth to smear it onto one cheek to get that true dead look.

All in white

A ghost bride should ideally wear a wedding dress, i.e. a white dress and veil. Old items that have long been out of fashion work brilliantly to give your outfit the right touch. You can add white gloves for a truly scary effect!

Don’t forget to remove your makeup

As Halloween makeup is generally pretty over the top, you really shouldn’t forget to remove it all properly. Use L’Oréal Paris Gentle makeup remover, which is gentle but effective, even on sensitive eyes and lips.

Do you believe now that Halloween makeup doesn’t have to be rocket science? Get more inspiration for Halloween looks and products for quick and easy Halloween makeup at our special Halloween webpage.

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