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Are you familiar with SPF sticks? Watch our video on how to apply one correctly


Iva Davies

2-minute read

What is the best sunscreen? Surely the one that you use regularly in an ample amount and that you touch up every two hours when you're out in the sun. How can you manage this daily chore? Try SPF in a stick form.

Traditional sunscreen products come in the form of a lotion, cream or spray, but SPF sticks are a relatively new addition to the SPF market. You can apply them either all over your face, or as extra protection on the areas where pigment spots form and where you burn the fastest. 

Why we love an SPF stick:

  • simple and convenient application
  • only apply it where you need it
  • it won't leak into your backpack or handbag by accident
  • easy to apply around the eyes
  • perfect for refreshing your sun protection during the day
  • perfect for use with foundation
  • does not leave white marks on the skin

Must-have SPF Sticks

How do you apply SPF with a stick?

Each part of your face (or body) where you apply the SPF stick needs to be gone over several times. Even four times is not enough. And it's important not to miss a single spot on your face. It can be a bit of a challenge as most sticks are transparent, but make sure you really haven't missed any areas. You don't want to look like a zebra.

For 100% protection, we recommend using a classic sunscreen with a high SPF 50+ in the morning and leaving the SPF stick for touch-ups during the day. We don't take any chances.

An SPF stick will definitely have its place in your sun protection arsenal. Practical right down to the very last degree! Have fun applying!