How to Apply Foundation – Basic Rules

May 13, 2019Notino
You should obviously start with a moisturiser (or a combination of a serum + moisturiser) and a primer that will ensure your foundation stays on all day.

Getting Your Skin Ready

 You might like for instance the Collistar Make-Up Base Primer with its firming and smoothing effect.

What Tools Should You Use?

How to Apply Foundation with Brush

Makeup brushes are the key. Use the so-called stippling brush to apply the foundation under your eyes and to the bridge of the nose, and then blend the foundation gently, making sure there are no sharp edges.

To get a higher coverage, use a foundation brush. It’s a smaller, flat brush you can also use to layer your foundation by dabbing it on. Both are part of the Notino travel brush set, which is completely new and simply stunning!

If you’re a fan of mineral powders, you need a special kabuki brush (for instance by NYX Professional Makeup!) with ultra-dense bristles to pick up the loose product without a problem.

How to Apply Foundation Using a Makeup Sponge

Beauty Blender is a unique elliptical sponge which (along with other makeup sponges) offers the quickest application. When you soak it in water first, it becomes bigger and softer and doesn’t absorb as much foundation. The application is similar to brushes: Press the foundation in gently starting from the area under your eyes to the centre of your face and further down across your jawline down to your neck to make the transition seamless. Try a quality makeup sponge for a good price, for instance, the one by Dermacol.

How to Apply Foundation Using Your Fingertips

Applying your foundation with your fingers is more of a last-resort solution because your fingertips absorb a lot of the product. Not to mention the fact we tend to use our fingertips to spread the foundation, which is not the ideal method because it actually wipes the product off and disturbs the layers below. Pressing or dabbing foundation into your skin is the only correct method!

Setting the Foundation to Make It Last

Finally, gently set your foundation with powder (+ bronzer and/or blusher, depending on the season and your preference) and then decide whether you want to use a setting spray. For an evening look, it’s really a “must have”. How about giving the Maybelline SuperStay 24 H a whirl?

P.S. If you still haven’t discovered your perfect foundation, have a look at our previous post on How to Choose the Correct Foundation Shade based on your undertone and How to Choose Your Foundation According to Your Age and Skin Type.

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