How to get rid of acne?

July 18, 2018Notino
Honestly, if you're expecting your acne to be miraculously cured overnight, this article will disappoint you. Getting rid of acne takes quite a while. If you’re lucky, the first results can be seen after a few weeks. Sounds promising? Then let’s make some life changes.


The most common things causing acne are heredity, hormonal changes, illness, and stress, along with an unhealthy lifestyle.

It’s the last two factors that you can change the quickest, which is why altering your lifestyle is recommended as the first step. You can often read about the harmful effects of fried foods, alcohol, caffeine, and sweets (especially chocolate). These are probably not a direct cause of your acne, but they are a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle, which does have an impact on your skin. Make this the first thing you change in order to get rid of acne.

Your diet is key

You need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits which provide your body with enzymes, the essential building blocks of each cell and facilitators of skin regeneration. You’ll also get more antioxidants (vitamin A, C, E) which protect the skin from oxidative stress.

Even better if you stop favouring sugary soft drinks and replace them with water (you should be drinking 30ml per kg weight every day). Water will not cure acne, but it will encourage your metabolism to function properly, including the way it deals with waste and inflammation such as acne. Sugar encourages inflammation (with fermentation), so it’s best to cut down on sweets altogether (except for the occasional chocolate).

Vitamins and minerals

Speaking of diet, acne-prone skin also needs B-vitamins (found in bananas, oatmeal, bran, quinoa, high-quality red meat, seeds), zinc which it helps dry out and heal inflammation (you can get it from seeds, seafood and fish, legumes, and green leafy vegetables) or unsaturated fatty acids (found mostly in nuts and fish). It’s also advisable to drink cleansing tea made from nettle or dandelion. Acne treatment also usually means restrictions of common dairy products and switching to fermented alternatives which improve the intestinal flora and with it your overall immunity.

Homemade skin care

The basis of your skin care routine should be getting enough sleep – to combat stress, but also because at night, your skin regenerates the best. The next step will be quality hydration, and finally some suitable makeup products. So where do you find the best foundations and moisturisers for acne?

■ You might like Effaclar by La Roche Posay. This cream can correct acne scars and prevent future breakouts.

■ If you want something that will help you look flawless and gain confidence, you’ll need a foundation that both covers and mattifies while still being breathable and not clogging your pores. That’s exactly what Vichy Dermablend or Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction with SPF25

are for. While the first one is designed for small imperfections, the second one can deal with more severe acne as well.

¦ Especially in summer, don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun and buy sunscreen with the highest SPF!

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