Put to the test: Dermacol Make-up Cover

February 21, 2019Notino
Some foundation is simply untouchable. This Dermacol classic is now legendary throughout the world. Its history goes back to 1965 when it was developed to cover even major skin imperfections, eventually reaching Prague’s famous Barrandov Studios, where it became a favourite of the film makeup artists.

 We wanted to know how well it actually worked, so we put it through exhaustive testing for you on three beautiful women. What did they think of it? Find out in our article below.

Nella N.

“It’s a fantastic foundation – despite the high coverage, it doesn’t feel heavy on my face. It covers just about everything you can think of, and still seems natural. The only thing I’d say is that I’d try and moisturise my skin as much as possible before applying it, so the foundation doesn’t start to crack after a while. Just a little bit of Dermacol is all you need for the perfect look. Full marks from me.”

Aneta D.

“This foundation has unbelievable coverage; honestly, I was shocked! I am not entirely sure if it’s a great idea for makeup novices; it’s better for someone who is a bit more comfortable with foundation and knows how to apply it. It felt really pleasant on my face and I didn’t feel as if it was heavy on my skin, which really is a surprise when you think about the 100% coverage. It has a dense, creamy consistency which makes it easy to apply, though you do have to be really thorough with it. I used a primer and moisturiser underneath it and it didn’t budge all day long. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who isn’t afraid of a foundation that is a part of every professional makeup artist’s kit.”

Jody M.

“Wow! I really wasn’t expecting anything like that. I’d heard about Dermacol Cover foundation, but I’d never tried it before. I was reading something about it before I began doing my makeup. Did you know that this foundation gave rise to the Dermacol brand as we know it? The iconic Dermacol name came about by combining the words Derma (skin) and Col (colour), and it has been automatically linked to a foundation for a long time. It was developed to cover serious skin problems. When you use it, its history suddenly makes sense. All your blemishes and imperfections disappear as if you’d waved a magic wand! Just make sure you only use a tiny bit. I think it will also work as a concealer to cover the bits that bother you most. I applied it with a dampened sponge and I have to say that it really worked well for me, even though it was a little harder to work it in. From this whole test, I think it’s an ideal base for a party, travelling, or just for a normal day at work. It really does cover everything and won’t give away any of your secrets!”

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