Spring Nails 2020: What’s In This Year?

February 27, 2020Notino
Say good-bye to the classic French manicure and welcome the sun with a new style! Spring nails of 2020 will surprise you with playful, unusual looks and a hint of elegance. So which nail varnish you should pick from our vast selection? Here are the best ones!


“Half-moon” Nails

One of the 2020 nail trends is the so-called “half-moon” manicure which combines two colours in a moon shape that follows the line of your nail bed. You just need a steady hand to achieve dazzling results! The half-moon shape is easy to create: first apply the Rimmel quick-dry varnish in White Hot Love. Once it dries, use a moon-shaped paper stencil, place it to the bottom of your nail to cover the desired area, and apply the striking NOBEA Festive in Festive Red to the larger, uncovered area. This nail varnish has enough coverage in one coat, and you can fix all of your mistakes with a remover pen.

Dark Matte Nails

Spring doesn’t always mean you have to reach for the floral shades – in the spring of 2020, your nails can be a dark, elegant colour. Dark shades with matte finish go with both long and extra short nails, plus they’re great for any occasion. And if you still really want to honour the season with a suitable colour, why not try green? Apply a dark green Sally Hansen gel nail varnish and a special Miracle Gel top coat with matte finish. For a more “wow” effect, you can leave some nails glossy and switch between matte and gloss on both hands.

Minimalist Dots

If you’re a fan of trendy manicure with colourful polka dots, you can try a little upgrade. Especially if you love subtle details. First, apply the Catrice More Than Nude in Pearly Ballerina, and when it dries, cover it in tiny little dots – but be careful, having a steady hand is really crucial. To achieve precise and uniform dots, use the ICONails nail varnish with an extra thin brush. Turn your beautiful nails into a work of art!

Nude Manicure

Nude shades on your nails will always look romantic and sophisticated. They’re beautiful both on light and dark skin, making them the go-to choice for minimalists. That being said, they’re also amazing for women with a lot of statement pieces in their wardrobe, because nude nails go with any outfit. Try for instance the Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture in Beige Léger with a strengthening effect. And if you really want to be the star of the evening, simply add some glitter. If you put them only on a few selected nails, they’ll draw attention like little gems...

Festive Easter Nails in Pastel Colours

Celebrate the spring and Easter in style. Spring nail trends for 2020 are a festival of pastel colours. It’s all about looking fresh – nails in yellow, turquoise, or delicate pink will be your ticket to the spring fashion season. We especially recommend the juicy shades of Dermacol Mini Summer Collection which will unleash your creative spirit. You can mix and match as you like – there are no faux pas, so feel free to create your own rainbow!

You can use any finish or any amount of glitter you desire – but don’t forget that a complex manicure will also draw attention to your hands. Have a look at our best hand creams for winter that will nourish your skin.

Author: Notino

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