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Tutorial: A Glowy Summer Look that Can Withstand Water and the Tropics


Iva Davies

2-minute read

Do you refuse to wear any foundation as the temperatures rise because you're afraid you'll melt in the heat? Our guide to waterproof summer makeup with shimmering eyes and glossy lips is just for you!

Summer is here and with it the combination of heat and perspiration, which can ruin your perfect makeup in a matter of seconds. So don't let runny makeup and smudged mascara ruin your summer adventures. How to for waterproof summer makeup? 

How to: Waterproof Summer Look?

  1. For your makeup to last, use a quality makeup primer to reduce perspiration on your face and excessive shine. 
  2. In this case, less is definitely more, so avoid thick foundation, which really doesn't look good mixed with perspiration. Reach for tinted noisturisers or just use concealer in the required areas. Apply a cream blusher to the cheeks and the base is complete. 
  3. Apply Shiseido POP PowderGel in Kan-Kan Gold to your entire lid. It has a gel-powder texture, so it can withstand both perspiration and swimming in the pool.
  4. Highlight your lashes with Clinique High Impact™ Waterproof Mascara. Don't be afraid to apply several coats, this mascara doesn't stick or clump and works perfectly even on the most sensitive eyes.
  5. Use the NYX Professional Makeup Line Loud Vegan lip liner pencil in Born To Hustle to not only outline your lips, but to colour them in. The lip liner pencil has a drier texture, so it stays on your lips no matter what.
  6. Apply MAC Cosmetics Lipglass Clear over the lip liner. It hydrates and softens and your mouth will be impossible to overlook in the glow of the setting sun. 
  7. Set your makeup with Lancôme Fix it Forget It mattifying spray. This setting mist not only extends the life of your makeup, but also hydrates and brightens. And that’s what you want!

Makeup that Lasts

There, now you know how to do the ultimate waterproof summer makeup look. Just pin up your hair or try the wet look and head out for the summer. Before that, don't forget to watch our video.