Bioderma ABC Derm H2O Cleansing Wipes for Kids

Bioderma ABC Derm H2O Cleansing Wipes for Kids
Bioderma ABC Derm H2O Cleansing Wipes for Kids
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Friday 05/03/2021
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Product description Bioderma ABC Derm H2O

The Bioderma ABC Derm H20 wet wipes are a handy product for every parent of a baby. The wipes are saturated with a micellar solution which cleans and softens sensitive baby skin.


  • cleans delicate baby skin without irritation
  • excellent for cleaning the bum, skin folds, face, or hands
  • also practical for traveling
  • for babies straight from birth

Main ingredients:

  • micelle technology – helps restore the hydrolipidic film of the skin
  • allantoin – soothes and regenerates
  • wipes are made of 100% cotton
  • alcohol-free

How to use:
Clean the skin with the wipe, repeat as necessary. No need for rinsing.


Cleansing Wipes
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About the brand Bioderma

Bioderma dermocosmetics are based on knowledge of the skin and its biological mechanisms. This scientific approach guarantees product formulations targeted specifically at different skin types or problems. Bioderma cosmetics contain no ingredients that are detrimental to the skin such as parabens, phthalates and formaldehydes. The composition of each product is based entirely on pure active ingredients found in the skin, meaning Bioderma products can guarantee they will be tolerated perfectly.

Each skin care product has undergone clinical studies and been created under the supervision of experts on dermatology, allergology and toxicology. Since it was founded in 1970, the brand has developed several patents. For example, Bioderma Sensibio – the Bioderma micellar water — was the very first cleansing water in history and remains one of the most popular to this day. The Bioderma Sébium range, meanwhile, contains the patented Fluidactiv complex, which fights all signs of oily and problem skin effectively.

The brand portfolio includes sophisticated skin care products for the entire body. Importantly, Bioderma does not just provide temporary relief but directly addresses the cause of the problem. Make sure your skin is perfectly looked after!

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