Black toothpaste with activated charcoal

Black toothpaste with activated charcoal
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In recent years black toothpaste has become a real hit and it is being promoted by a number of influencers. It owes its colour to the activated charcoal content, which gently and naturally removes plaque and unwanted stains caused by coffee or red wine.

The effects of charcoal on the teeth:

  • It gently yet effectively absorbs colour pigments from the surface of your teeth, thus contributing to whitening them.
  • It can remove certain toxins from the mouth and reduces unpleasant breath.

The use of charcoal to whiten teeth is nothing new. The ancient Greeks and Romans are said to have used the ashes from their fires to get a bright white smile, as their abrasive particles removed unwanted discoloration from their teeth.

Give the cleansing power of black toothpaste with activated charcoal a chance. Activated charcoal toothpaste from popular brands such as Ecodenta, Curaprox or Colgate will become indispensable in your quest to achieve a whiter smile!