CerrutiImage Homme Eau de Toilette

Cerruti Image Homme Eau de Toilette
Cerruti Image Homme Eau de Toilette
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Description Cerruti Image Homme

Cerruti Image Homme is an aromatic green fragrance for self-confident men who are satisfied with themselves, always in a good mood, and hard to throw off balance. Its flacon with an original sprayer hides a fragrance full of optimism and good mood. Its welcomes you with fruity top tones of pears and plums, complemented by pepper and banana leaves. In its heart, you can smell jasmine and fig leaves. The base of the fragrance is formed by musk, sandal wood, amber, vetiver, cedar, and patchouli.

Thanks to its fruity tones, it is suitable mainly for spring and summer, but it will put a smile on your face in colder months, too. It is suitable for strong men who are not afraid to be in the spotlight and who are unique, charismatic, and ambitious. If you are looking for a dynamic and attractive scent for summer, Cerruti Image Homme is the right choice for you.


Top notes - They develop straight after you put the fragrance on. They create the first impression and tend to be quite intense, but not long-lasting.
Top notes
Middle notes - The heart of the fragrance comes out after a couple of minutes when the head of the scent fades away. These notes usually last around 2 to 3 hours.
Middle notes
Base notes - The last and often longest part of the fragrance's evolution on your skin. Takes anywhere from 4 hours to over a day.
Base notes
Wood, Amber
Fragrance category
aromatic, green

About the brand Cerruti

Cerruti fragrance | Like many other Italian brands, Cerruti is by its origin a family business which also happens to be one of the most respected names in the industry. The company was founded in 1881 by Antonio Cerruti who first started selling high-fashion clothing and later focused on fine jewellery. These days however, Cerruti is mainly famous for their perfumes and aftershaves.

Cerruti 1881 has become a symbol of refined taste, highest quality and distinct personal style. The brand thrived especially under Antonio’s grandson Nino Cerruti who had a tendency to shock the fashion world, beginning with his first collection of men’s fashionwear called Hitman. The women’s collections soon matched Nino’s initial success and Cerruti 1881 became THE brand of its time.

The first Cerruti fragrance came out in 1978 and was called simply Nino. It was followed by others like L’Essence de Cerruti or Cerruti 1881 Pour Homme, and, in 1998, a female version of the brand’s masculine classic, Cerruti Image Femme. Perhaps the most popular Cerruti perfume to date is Cerruti 1881 Pour Femme, a warm, sensuous fragrance based on violets, iris and jasmine combined with woody and citrussy notes. Many women consider this perfume to be their signature and have remained faithful to it for decades.

Often described as perfumes with a soul, Cerruti fragrances are ideal companions for creative, confident women who are not afraid to stand out, but don’t do it at any cost. While Cerruti perfumes definitely are extraordinary, their timeless quality will make you love them for many years to come.

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