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Chicco Hygiene cotton buds for children from birth
Chicco Hygiene cotton buds for children from birth

Cleaning your baby’s tiny ears requires special care. To make the process as safe as possible, use the Chicco Hygiene cotton buds. These anatomically shaped cotton buds prevent you from getting too deep inside the ear canal, which makes them safe for children including newborns. Clean your kid’s ears in a gentle way.


  • cleans your baby’s ears safely and effectively
  • prevents you from getting deep into the ear canal
  • gently cleans sensitive ears of children 
  • anatomical shape 
  • handy closable box
  • suitable for kids including newborns


  • 100% cotton

How to use:
Use a Chicco cotton bud to gently clean your child’s ear. You can wet the end of the cotton bud with a disinfectant solution.

ChiccoHygiene cotton buds for children from birth

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