Chloé Chloé Shower Gel for Women

  • Chloé Chloé Shower Gel for Women

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    Description of the perfume Chloé Chloé


    Perfume bottle



    Overall impression


    Chloé Chloé shower gel for women is enriched with Chloé Chloé perfume for women. This fragrance expresses a self-confident woman with a sense of fashion and style.

    Chloé shower gel has a beautiful amber color and its creamy texture creates soft foam to dress you into a pleasant perfume fragrance. Chloé gel cleans and softens your skin without drying it up. It excellently complements the Chloé Chloé perfume. It puts on you a beautiful floral fragrance thanks to which you will feel pleasantly fresh. It contains tones of peony, magnolia and rose full of sweet litchi and elegantly connected with the warm tone of cedar wood.

    Make your body smell great with Chloé Chloé shower gel with a beautifully refreshing floral aroma.


    • softly cleans
    • softens your skin
    • no dried skin
    • makes you smell of Chloé Chloé aroma


    • creamy texture
    • aroma of Chloé Chloé

    Type of skin:

    Chloé Chloé shower gel is suitable for all types of skin.


    Enjoy a pleasantly refreshing shower with Chloé Chloé shower gel. Apply on your body and create some foam to clean and soften your skin without drying it up.

    Refresh yourself with the pleasant aroma of Chloé Chloé perfume contained in Chloé Chloé shower gel.

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