Chloé perfumes are leaders on the French perfume scene. The Chloé brand is one of the few that focuses solely and exclusively on women’s fragrances. Here, women rule – confident, creative, free-thinking, and spontaneous. These women and girls love scents with floral, woody tones and won’t hear a bad word against them. For them, they are a symbol of personality, playfulness, and casualness, and emphasise femininity.

The story of the Chloé brand started back in 1952, in Paris, where Gabrielle Aghion, a Frenchwoman with Egyptian roots, and her partner Jacques Lenoir decided to introduce their own fashion collection. They were among the pioneers humanising the strict requirements of “haute couture” and providing consumers with a more comfortable and intelligible “ready-to-wear” line. They gradually introduced an entire range of clothing and accessories which would meet the high demands of designer tailoring but would also be ready for everyday wear. The growing popularity of the brand is also evidenced by its popularity amongst stars worldwide. Chloé pieces have filled the wardrobes of Brigitte Bardot, Jackie Kennedy, and Princess Grace of Monaco. Fashion accessories such as footwear, handbags, and perfumes were added alongside clothing. The Chloé fashion house has seen a myriad of designers with famous names. Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney have both spent part of their creative lives there.

Chloé perfumes are captivating fresh scents imbued with exquisite floral essences. There is no lack of confidence anchored in the woody tones and the result is a remarkable, purely feminine composition which also promotes an unbridled spirit and straightforwardness. This is all emphasised through the iconic bottles and original advertising campaigns. Chloé creates the perfect symbiosis between product lines. Some perfume lines are designed specifically for the fashion collections and the emotion and interest in fashion, elegance, and individuality can be felt by those wearing both the Chloé clothing and perfumes.

The mass popularity of Chloé fragrances restarted around 2008, when the brand returned in all its glory, introducing the Oriental floral Chloé fragrance. Further success followed with the See by Chloé fashion range, which definitively began a new era of youthful, engaging Chloé perfumes.

Chloé has uncompromisingly honoured femininity, gentleness, and seduction. It incorporates a wide range of features and expressions that can be found in a woman’s world. So, if you enjoy feeling like a woman, don’t miss out on Chloé perfumes.

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