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The effects of gold on skin were well-known in ancient Egypt where gold was associated with eternal youth and vitality. Modern cosmetic industry discovered this natural ingredient less than a 100 years ago, but today it’s considered a luxurious substance capable of restoring our skin’s youth and health. Cosmetic products usually contain colloidal gold obtained through electrolysis of gold microparticles in their demineralised form. 


Characteristics of Gold

Gold has strong antioxidant effects and quickly restores skin elasticity and brightness. Regular use of products with gold also generally improves your skin’s condition.

Effects of Gold on Skin

  • Protects skin from oxidative processes and promotes regeneration.
  • Promotes microcirculation and helps oxygenate upper layers of skin.
  • Helps clean the skin and speeds up the flushing out of toxins.
  • Acts as a shield against harmful environmental factors.
  • Keeps skin perfectly hydrated thanks to the ability to bind large amounts of water.
  • Strengthens the walls of blood vessels and promotes tissue regeneration to restore skin firmness and elasticity.

Cosmetic Products with Gold

Cosmetic products usually contain gold in the form of tiny gold leaves – often they’re microparticles invisible to the naked eye. The skin absorbs gold quickly and easily, making full use of its beneficial effects. Don’t worry about unwanted shine or golden sheen – your skin will be perfectly radiant without any golden undertone. offers a large selection of products with gold, many of which can become part of your routine for mature skin. Gold day cream with an SPF acts as a protective shield against harmful external factors. A night treatment with gold will regenerate and nourish your skin while you rest. Gold face mask becomes a luxurious start to every beauty routine.

Products with gold don’t leave any unwanted golden sheen – they simply bring you the gift of beautiful, radiant skin. A gold face mask, gold day cream, or gold eye mask are the right skin care to give your beauty ritual a real spark!

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