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Thermal water

Thermal water or “eau thermale” springs from the depths of the Earth where it’s heated by geothermal activity and enriched with a large amount of mineral substances that have amazing benefits for the skin of your face and body. It’s a pure natural product with the ability to soothe, soften, and revitalise skin. The effects of thermal spring water were well-known to the ancient Greeks and Romans, and even contemporary experts in the field of modern dermocosmetics praise its positive effects.

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Characteristics of Thermal Water

Thermal water has softening, antioxidant, soothing, and regenerating effects. On its way to the Earth’s surface, thermal water becomes mineral water by binding trace elements and rare substances such as iron, potassium, calcium, copper, silver, fluorides, manganese, selenium, and many other minerals that benefit the body and always differ slightly depending on the particular thermal spring.

Benefits of Thermal Water for Skin

  • Provides the skin with minerals, vitamins, and other nourishing substances to make it brighter, younger, and perfectly hydrated.
  • Soothes the skin and restores its pH.
  • Speeds up skin regeneration after acne, allergic reactions, tattoos, or excessive sunbathing.
  • Reduces skin itching and is often recommended for psoriasis, acne, and eczema.
  • Softens the skin and restores its healthy radiance.
  • Cleans the skin and removes dead skin cells.
  • Protects skin from free radicals.

Cosmetics with Thermal Water

Thermal water has many uses in cosmetic products. It is suitable for all skin types and doesn’t overburden or irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Facial thermal water in spray will be your trusted companion not only during hot summer days. It is also great when you need to brighten up your complexion before using a makeup primer, because it traps water in the upper layers of the skin and prevents it from evaporating during the day. To achieve a flawless look, you can also use thermal water to set your makeup and help it stay flawless throughout the day.

Face creams with thermal water help accelerate the absorption of precious ingredients into the skin and properly hydrate your complexion. If you suffer from dry and irritated skin in winter, try day and night skin care or a face mask containing thermal water.

Dry skin and skin with eczema can often suffer from irritation and unpleasant redness during makeup removal. Try makeup removers containing thermal water which clean your skin and remove dead skin cells perfectly while providing an instant soothing and regenerating effect.

Thermal water can also be found in hair care products – shampoos with thermal water soothe itchy and irritated scalp while helping prevent hair and scalp dryness.

You will feel the effects of the amazing eau thermale from the first use! Your skin will be smooth, soft, and fresh. Try thermal cosmetics as your everyday skin care or take a refreshing thermal water with you while travelling to quickly freshen up during the day.

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