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Cotton buds – a small but handy tool for many situations

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll always find a use for cotton buds. They take up hardly any space in the bathroom, but they can seriously help in many situations.

Not Just for Cleaning Your Ears

Despite of what you might think, cotton buds are good for more than just cleaning your ears. They can be used in many different ways:

  • For ear-cleaning. Yes, this is what they’re primarily designed for, and they do a great job. Just make sure to choose the wide ones with a narrow tip to reduce the risk of damage to your ear canal. If you’re just cleaning the outside of your ear, you can use any cotton buds you want.
  • Special ones for kids. Cotton buds for kids might have a special tip with a larger piece of cotton to prevent them from getting too deep inside the ear. If you need cotton buds for your newborn, these anatomical ones are the kind you should be looking for.
  • For the belly button. Cotton buds are a gentle and handy tool to use for removing the impurities in your kid’s belly button.
  • For manicure. Painted a little outside the lines? Nothing removes nail polish better than a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover. Voilà – clean cuticles!
  • For makeup application. Need to smudge out the eyeliner and create a smokey look? Extend it and smooth it out to perfection, or wipe off the red lipstick around your lips? Once again, cotton buds come to the rescue.
  • For general product application. Cotton buds are fantastic for applying various tinctures, toners and other products with ease and precision.

What are cotton buds made of?

Different brands of cotton buds are really quite similar – the biggest difference is usually in the shape of the tip and in the packaging. Get the ones in a plastic pouch for home use, and the ones in a box with a lid for travel.

  • The tip of a cotton bud is usually made of cotton. This material is very absorbent and gentle on the skin.
  • The stick is typically made of paper, but you can also find bamboo cotton buds. Using paper or bamboo cotton buds makes this single-use product a bit more environmentally friendly.
  • Some cotton buds are saturated with aloe vera, vitamins or other substances to provide a bonus effect.

Running out of cotton buds? Add them to your shopping basket – you know you’ll always need them.