Davidoff Cool Water

Shower Gel for Men 150 ml

Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel for Men 150 ml
Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel for Men 150 ml
Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel for Men 150 ml
150 ml

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Tuesday, 12/18/2018
Davidoff Cool Water
150 ml | £8.77

Fragrance description Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water shower gel complements the fragrance in the same range perfectly. It leaves the skin fresh, soft, and full of fragrance to stimulate the senses and increase self-esteem, so each wash is a great experience.


Base notes
Amber, Musk
Middle notes
Jasmine, Moss, Sandalwood
Top notes
Coriander, Lavender, Mint, Orange Tree Blossom, Rosemary

About the brand Davidoff

Davidoff perfume carries the name of its founder, Zino Davidoff, who was known as the “King of Cigars”. The tobacco company Zino inherited from his father entered the world of perfume in the 1980s. The small family firm grew quickly and the Davidoff brand became a favourite far beyond its native Switzerland.

Nowadays, the Davidoff fragrance includes dozens of different scents, with leading perfumers working to create them. Clearly the biggest success has been the Davidoff Cool Water collection, which caused a minor revolution in the world of perfume. Each Davidoff aftershave and perfume has its own unique character and they all awaken a desire to live life with a greater intensity.

Zino Davidoff was himself a master of the art of life. He travelled the entire world; for Davidoff adventure and challenges happened every single day. All of this could be seen in his work. The Davidoff name means joy, timeless style and a taste for discovering new things. Davidoff means experiencing life to the fullest.

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