Davidoff bears the name of its founder, Zino Davidoff, the son of a tobacco merchant from Geneva. Zino eventually inherited his father’s business and proved to be even more successful, earning a nickname “The King of Cigars”.

Who could have predicted that by the late 80’s, the Davidoff brand would create a fragrance that ends up revolutionising the whole world of perfumery? That’s, however, exactly what happened when the Cool Water was introduced in 1988. This fresh aquatic scent was pretty much unprecedented in the whole genre of masculine fragrances, but it proved to be so intriguing that it spurred a whole phenomenon where by now, dozens and dozens of aftershaves have tried to repeat its success by mimicking its aroma.

Davidoff mostly creates fragrances designed for men, however there are a few women’s perfumes such as the Echo Woman. The brand also carries a range of body care products whose scent corresponds with Davidoff fragrances.

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