Depilation and Epilation

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All about Depilation and Epilation

There are many methods of quick and effective hair removal. Some remove your hair for several days, others can do it for many weeks. So what are the differences, and which method is the best for you?

Depilation or Epilation?

  • Depilation removes only the visible part of the hair, without the root. It’s painless, but the results don’t last long.
  • Epilation removes hair along with the root and leaves your skin smooth for longer. However, these methods (with the exception of IPL) are usually a bit painful.

Home Depilation Methods

  • Women’s hair removal with a razor or a shaver is a popular way to remove body hair in the comfort of one’s home, with quick and easy results. You can use a razor with razor blades, a disposable razor for one or several uses, or an electric shaver. Don’t forget to soften your body hair with a shaving foam, oil or gel before using your razor or shaver – this will facilitate the hair removal and prevent irritation.
  • Hair-removal creams are easy to apply and remove with a spatula after a few minutes, along with the hair. They’re gentle on your skin, plus there’s no risk of injury. If you often suffer from irritation, try an extra gentle depilating cream for sensitive skin.

Home Epilation Methods

  • Waxing is an easy way to remove unwanted hair in the comfort of your home. Simply warm up the waxing strip between your palms, place it on your skin, wait a little and rip it off. Using a liquid wax works in a similar way. This method of hair removal is quick but can be quite painful, depending on the area you’re focusing on and how sensitive your skin is.
  • Sugaring has been a hit for years now. Sugar-waxing is popular especially for hair removal in sensitive areas, because it’s more gentle and painless. A special sugar paste is applied against the growth of the hair, then it’s left to harden a bit, and ripped off in the direction of growth.
  • Epilators are devices which remove your body hair with long-lasting effects:
    • IPL epilator represents a pain-free way to remove body hair, because it uses light pulses to destroy the roots of your hair. This painless epilator will prevent new hair growth for up to several weeks and it’s the one method of home hair removal that’s the closest to permanent.
    • Standard tweezing epilator plucks out the hair along with roots. The results last long, but the process can be painful. An IPL epilator will be a much more comfortable way to go. Depending on the area you want to remove your hair from, you can go for a face epilator, leg epilator or armpit epilator with different attachments.

When to Choose Depilation and Epilation?

Not sure whether your needs would be better met with epilation or depilation, and which tools you will need? Follow these simple instructions:

  • The sensitive skin of your face usually needs gentle methods of face epilation and depilation. If you want to remove hair from your face, use a hair-removal cream for face or a face epilator.
  • Leg epilation and depilation can be performed in many different ways. Standard shaving is very popular – but the skin of your legs tends not to be very sensitive, which is why you can also use a classic epilator or wax that gives you more lasting results than a shave.
  • Intimate hair removal can be performed with a quality women’s shaver. However, for the best pain-free results, you should use an IPL epilator for intimate area.
  • Your armpits are a very sensitive area, which is why we recommend going with gentle methods of hair removal. Try a hair-removal cream or a suitably shaped razor, and don’t forget to use a shaving foam.
  • Your arms might develop irritation as a result of shaving, and the hair is very visible when it’s growing back in. This is why you should use a more lasting and gentle method: namely IPL epilation or sugaring.

Now you know how to remove your body hair correctly. Choose the best products for home epilation and depilation and enjoy having perfectly smooth, hairless skin!