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Feel the powerful magic of microneedling on your own skin. Get the best derma roller and make it your personal guardian of youth and beautiful skin.

What Is a Derma Roller?

Derma roller is a special roller with needles made of medical steel that create microscopic punctures in the surface of your skin to stimulate its regeneration. The length of the needles is between 0.2mm and 2mm. If you’re only starting out with a derma roller, go for shorter needles up to 0.5mm and later switch to longer ones. Apart from a derma roller for face, you can also get a special roller for your eye area, your décolleté, your body and even a derma roller for men.

How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneeding is basically disturbing the upper layer of the skin to send a signal to your brain that it needs to stimulate and restore two proteins essential in skin revitalisation – collagen and elastin.

Effects of Microneedling:

  • It improves skin texture and minimises pores.
  • It fills wrinkles and restores skin firmness.
  • It smooths out and eliminates acne scars.
  • It reduces the depth of stretch marks.
  • It lightens hyperpigmentation.
  • It facilitates the penetration of cosmetic products deeper into your skin.

How to Use a Derma Roller with Microneedles?

  1. Learn the manufacturer’s instructions before first using the derma roller.
  2. Microneedling should be performed once a week at the most, always on cleansed skin without makeup.
  3. Rinse and disinfect the derma roller before every use.
  4. Gently run the microneedle roller across your skin, no more than 5 times over every area.
  5. Slight stinging and redness are okay – however, dermarolling should never cause bleeding.
  6. After the treatment, apply suitable calming skin care.
  7. Don’t perform microneedling before sun exposure, swimming in the pool or before exercise.

Our tip: Try also a facial massage roller and promote the skin-firming effects as much as you can.