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Dermedic Capilarte strengthening shampoo for hair loss
Dermedic Capilarte strengthening shampoo for hair loss
Hair typeall hair types
EffectsGrowth stimulation
Scalp skin typesensitive scalp, normal scalp, itchy scalp
Hair problemdamaged hair, thinning hair and hair loss

Looking for a shampoo that not only cleanses your scalp but also has an effective formula that helps you banish hair loss? Dermedic Capilarte strengthening anti-hair loss shampoo is also suitable for sensitive scalps prone to thinning hair and hair loss. With various active ingredients, it nourishes your scalp, intensely stimulates the hair roots and helps to fortify the hair fibers. This results in hair with visibly more volume and a calm scalp.


  • stimulates scalp microcirculation
  • re-energizes the cells of hair follicles
  • stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss 
  • prolongs the anagen phase of hair growth
  • increases hair thickness and volume
  • suitable for sensitive scalps with thinning hair prone to hair loss  


  • pilotantumTM complex – promotes hair growth, strengthens the hair 
  • procapilTM – improves blood circulation to the roots and follicles, strengthens the hair 
  • zincidone – moisturizing, anti-aging, hair-repairing properties 
  • d-panthenol – soothes and hydrates the scalp 
  • vitamins E and C and PP – protect the scalp from the external environment, antioxidant effect 
  • glycerol – deeply hydrates the scalp
  • cluster bean extract – thickens hair fibers, prevents breakage 
  • lactilglutammato – moisturizes the scalp

How to apply:
Apply a small amount of Dermedic Capilarte strengthening anti-hair loss shampoo on your wet hair, and gently massage with your fingers. Rinse off after 2 minutes. Suitable for frequent, long-term use.

Notino tip:
The Dermedic Capilarte line helps you with hair loss and soothes your sensitive scalp.

DermedicCapilarte strengthening shampoo for hair loss

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