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essie expressie quick-drying nail polish
essie expressie quick-drying nail polish
Does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.
Shadepink, nude
Type of Nail Varnishquick-dry
Effectshiny, long-lasting

Got to leave for an important meeting, a date or party but your nails aren’t painted? The Essie Expressie quick-drying nail polish is here to save the day. It literally dries in a couple of seconds. It gives your nails a deep colour, dazzling shine and an immaculate appearance, with long-lasting results. So which shade are you going for?


  • dries in just one minute
  • angled brush for easy application
  • gives nails an intense, full colour
  • with long-lasting results
  • delivers a dazzling shine


  • vegan product – free from animal-based ingredients

How to apply:
Apply this Essie nail polish to clean, polish-free nails and leave to dry for a minute. Apply two layers for even better results. 


essieexpressie quick-drying nail polish

shade 0 crop top & roll 10 ml
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