Eyeshadow Palette

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Get an eyeshadow palette and create a stunning eye makeup look. It only takes a little bit of practice and skill to bring out the colour of your eyes and give them more depth.

Try eyeshadow palettes by Makeup Revolution, Lancôme, or NYX Professional Makeup, and enjoy your perfect new look!

How to Apply Eyeshadow?

Apply the eyeshadow ideally with a brush or an applicator. To get the best results, put the lightest shade from the eyeshadow palette in the inner corner of your eyes and on your brow bone. Then go gradually darker and apply the darkest shade to the outer corner and the crease. Don’t forget to accentuate your lower lids.

Choose an Eyeshadow Palette Based on Your Eye Colour

Use the right shades to bring out the colour of your eyes, brighten up your skin and give your eyes more depth. The basic rule is simple – the colour of the eyeshadow should contrast with the colour of your irises.

  • Blue eyes will look stunning against darker brown shades, light pink, or purple.
  • Grey eyes need a bright eyeshadow. Any metal shade such as blue or purple will look amazing.
  • Green eyes need a nice eyeshadow palette with shades of purple. If you’re a bit afraid of striking purple shades, try using a pink, silver, or bright blue eyeshadow.
  • Brown eyes will look great in beige and apricot colours. To make them really pop, try also pink, gold, or violet shades.

Making Eyeshadows Last

Want to enjoy your perfect look all day long? Don’t forget to use a good eyeshadow base. It will help your eyeshadow stay on, make the colours more intense, and make them last longer. It can also make them easier to remove. To really ensure that your makeup stays in place, use a makeup setting spray.

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Fun with It!

Eyeshadow palettes can offer endless fun. Just use your imagination and create for instance a dramatic smokey eye or a more colourful and bright look. Play around with your makeup and get a contour palette to give your face the shape you need.