About Filorga

The French brand Filorga is an expert on anti-ageing skin care. Its history began in the 1970s when Dr Tordjman started his research into skin ageing. The brand later obtained a patent for their NCTF® technology – a unique solution that slows down the process and corrects existing imperfections.


At first, the Filorga Laboratoires were producing skin care for professional use, such as fruit acid peels, mesotherapy products or hyaluronic acid injections which became hugely popular with experts in the field of aesthetic medicine and dermatology.

Filorga was inspired by the success of its professional line and in 2007 launched the first product line for home use. The Medi-Cosmetique® line provides a non-invasive but still very effective solution. You can see the results of using the Filorga Time Filler cream or the Filorga Meso Mask at home without a visit to the beauty clinic. Filorga products eliminate wrinkles, restore brightness, density and strength and give you a beautiful looking skin without imperfections or signs of ageing.

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Best sellers


Exceptional anti-ageing skincare by the French experts! Explore a wide offer of Filorga cosmetics at and build a perfect skincare routine to prevent and reduce wrinkles, skin ageing and dry skin! Filorga products help fade discolouration, improve the appearance of pores and deliver ingredients deep into the lower layers of your skin to help it better repair and renew itself.

About Filorga

Founded in 1978, Filorga was the 1st ever aesthetic medicine laboratory that produced and developed injectable products. Approved by leading medical experts, the brand made aesthetic medicine products available for the use of the public in 2007. The company uses a unique NCTF technology in their formulas, which slows down the ageing process and corrects imperfections.

Today Filorga is sold in over 70 countries around the globe, with a range of anti-ageing products, including the revolutionary Filorga Time Filler Eye Cream and the Filorga Meso Mask. The brand has stayed true to its main principle - to combine clinically proven and optimal effectiveness with sensorial textures and high-end packaging. 

Filorga Cosmetics

The astonishing range of Filorga products covers many different skin types and needs through a variety of product lines. Build a strong skincare routine to fight wrinkles and skin ageing by using products across the Filorga lines as these ranges are formulated to complement each other and fit all your needs! Mix and match products from different collections such as firming and lifting, treating age spots, moisturising & nutrition and even more at

Filorga Cleansers and Masks

Filorga cleansers and masks are created for everyday use, providing the skin with a deep cleanse while hydrating and protecting it. These products are especially loved by women wearing makeup, as they easily remove any cosmetics worn throughout the day. All without the need for rubbing and damaging your skin! Try the best selling Filorga Oxygen Glow Cleansing Gel or explore the whole line to find the perfect product for you.

  • Filorga Optim Eyes 
  • Filorga Scrub & Mask
  • Filorga Meso Mask
  • Filorga NCEF Night Mask
  • Filorga Cleansers Micellar Water
  • Filorga Time Filler Mask

Filorga Day Creams

Filorga day creams have wonderful nourishing effects. All of these products are formulated with the revolutionary anti-ageing technology and can either blur, mattify, moisturise or lift your skin. Filorga creams can be worn under makeup, as they minimise pores and smooth out wrinkles. 

Try some of the best Filorga day creams:

  • Filorga Hydra Filler Moisturiser 
  • Filorga Nutri Filler Cream
  • Filorga Lift Structure Face Cream
  • Filorga Skin Absolute Day Cream
  • Filorga NCEF Reverse Restoring Cream
  • Filorga NCEF Intensive Regenerating and Firming Serum
  • Filorga NCED Reverse Mat Multi-correction Fluid

Filorga Night Creams

Using a Filorga night cream can be life-changing, with its effective and quick results! Take the best care of your skin during the night while getting the rest sleep as the skin uses this time to recover, rehydrate and fight premature ageing. Do not forget to apply the night cream and other anti-ageing treatment also on your neck as it tends to be a sensitive and quickly ageing part of our body. Filorga Lift Structure Face Cream will level up both, your nighttime and daytime beauty routine, or choose other nourishing product from the collection:

  • Filorga Time Filler MAT Cream
  • Filorga Time Filler Night Anti-Wrinkle Cream
  • Filorga Nutri Filler Replenishing Cream
  • Filorga Resurfacing Night Cream
  • Filorga Sleep & Lift Night Cream
  • Filorga NCEF Reverse Restoring and Firming Cream

Filorga Eye Care

Filorga offers a high-quality range of eye care products that are not only gentle and safe enough to use around the eyes, but also extremely effective! These products can treat your wrinkles and any swelling or dark undereye circles in a short period of time. 

The popular Filorga eye care includes:

  • Filorga Optim Eyes Cream
  • Filorga Time Filler Eyes Cream
  • Filorga Optim Eyes Eye Contour Lift Patches
  • Filorga Oxygen Glow Smoothing Eye Cream
  • Filorga Optim Eyes Fortifying Serum
  • Filorga NCEF Reverse Eyes Multi-Corrective Eye Cream

Filorga Serums and Specialised Care

Provide your skin with extra treatment with Filorga serum and advanced care line. Besides treating wrinkles, pigmentation and redness, these serums also contain various good acids, antioxidants and vitamins that provide the best care to achieve younger-looking skin. The recommended way to use a Filorga serum is by applying it under your regular day or night cream a few minutes before the cream. This powerful anti-ageing combination will deliver the best results. Filorga Time Flash Smoothing Primer will prepare your skin for the foundation while taking the best care of every line and wrinkle!

Filorga serum and specialised care range offers:

  • Filorga Time Zero Multi-Correction Wrinkles Serum
  • Filorga Lift Designed Lifting Serum With Massage Applicator
  • Filorga Hydra-Hyal Intensive Hydrating Plumping Concentrate
  • Filorga NCEF Intensive Regenerating and Firming Serum
  • Filorga Global-Repair Intensive Renewing Serum

Filorga Active Makeup

Enhance your beautiful features with cosmetics at any age! Filorga Active Makeup range offers a best-quality cosmetics for all ages and skin types made only of the finest ingredients without parabens and fragrance-free.

Choose from a wide selection of Filorga makeup products at

  • Filorga Time Flash Smoothing Primer
  • Filorga Optim-Eyes Serum
  • Filorga Flash Nude Tinted Fluid
  • Filorga Flash Nude Powder

Filorga Sun Protection

Sun can be extremely damaging to our skin, prompting it to premature skin ageing and pigmentation. Protect your skin with Filorga Sun Protection range specially created to protect your skin against harmful sun rays while nourishing it with anti-ageing ingredients. Enhance your tan while soothing your skin with Filorga UV-Bronze Gel!

Treat your skin to the best sun protection by Filorga:

  • Filorga UV-Bronze Anti-Wrinkle Fluid
  • Filorga UV-Bronze Anti-Ageing Sun Spray
  • Filorga UV-Bronze Protective Tan-Enhancing Oil

Filorga Body Care

Treat your skin with the best body care created by anti-ageing experts! Filorga body care nourishes and protects your skin while keeping it healthy and younger-looking. 

The best selling Filorga body care includes:

  • Filorga Neocica Repair Care
  • Filorga Nutri Modeling Body Balm
  • Filorga Scrub & Peel Body Scrub

As we age, our skin slows down replenishing itself. A comprehensive and effective anti-ageing skincare routine is an investment our skin deserves! Enjoy younger-looking skin in no time with Filorga cosmetics.