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The products in this category usually have a minor defect in packaging and cannot be sold at full price. They are fragrances that have been used in photo shoots, their cellophane wrapping or the box itself have been damaged in transport, or their packaging in other way doesn't meet the visual standards. None of these defects compromise the quality of the fragrance itself. 

In some cases a marginal portion of the product has been used up. This is always clearly stated on the website along with the information about how much of the product still remains (for instance 99%). Our normal warranty applies, of course with the exception of the specified defect for which the product is being sold at a lower price.

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  • Calvin Klein Obsession for MenDeo Spray for Men 152 g

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: CAK8365

    Discount: £1.05

  • Mancera Black Intensitive AoudEau de Parfum unisex 60 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: MCR0346

    Discount: £3.14

  • Montale So FlowersEau de Parfum for Women 100 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: MNT2282

    More information

    Montale So Flowers is a floral fragrance for women. This Eau de Parfum from a French perfume brand which is noted for its love of fragrances from the Orient and Arabia and for its interest in their enchanting history offers the magic of a wonderful floral bouquet. As with all the fragrances from the Montale brand, the greatly admired, yet somewhat enigmatic Pierre Montale has given the So Flowers Eau de Parfum an original character evoking a miraculous elixir or a rare magical salve. The So Flowers Eau de Parfum presents the aromatic tones of irises, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose absolute and hyacinth, resting on a sensual base of musk. The overall composition exudes powerful magic, while the delicacy of the complex floral aspect and the base further add to its attractiveness. The aroma of the delicately powdery, elegant iris, the deeply green hyacinth, the intoxicating sweet jasmine, the exotic ylang-ylang and the timeless grace and freshness of the popular rose merge wonderfully in perfectly balanced and complex harmony. Like all of Pierre Montale’s fragrant creations, So Flowers has been created using natural materials of the highest quality and in high concentrations which ensure that the fragrance has a long-lasting effect. The incredibly attractive Montale So Flowers Eau de Parfum creates an aura of harmonic attractiveness and discreet sensuality around its wearer. Pierre Montale has created a perfume which is highly feminine and attractive, yet timeless and elegant, as if the time he spent in Saudi Arabia had imbued the brand’s founder and the creator of all the perfumes in its portfolio with the mysterious abilities of an Oriental sorcerer. You will never forget the So Flowers fragrance by Montale, just as you will never forget the woman who wears it. The So Flowers Eau de Parfum can be worn throughout the entire year, but it stands out best in the warmer months. It is an ideal daily perfume which will brighten up every day for its wearer thanks to its delicacy and depth. The Montale So Flowers Eau de Parfum will appeal to women who like floral fragrances, especially in imaginative compositions. This Eau de Parfum should also be tried by every lady who appreciates real quality combined with originality. In addition to magical scents with masterfully balanced aromatic compositions, all the perfumes by Montale also come with captivating, original packaging. The design is enchanting thanks to its straightforward and pure elegance, which, in the case of So Flowers, has been enhanced with the use of a beautiful distinctive pink colour scheme, while the practical selection of the material also makes the flacon unique. Pierre Montale has made the original choice of an aluminium flacon which provides the perfume with perfect protection. Montale So Flowers – a wonderful bouquet of flowers with a touch of sensual musk.

    Discount: £5.76

  • Dolce & Gabbana The One for MenEau de Toilette for Men 100 ml

    Without cellophane Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: DOG4240

    More information

    The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana is cologne meant for charming and elegant men. This merging of classic scents with a hint of the modern is an excellent accessory for the charismatic man of the 21st century. Manly cardamom and the essences of cedar wood and tobacco create an irresistible combination of tradition and elegance. The freshness of the citrus scent and selected spices gives The One For Men cologne a breath of independence and style.     Treat yourself to the feeling of manliness and strength with Dolce & Gabbana’s timeless cologne The One For Men. The Dolce & Gabbana perfumes and colognes are enticing with their erotic scents and novelty. You too become the prototype of elegance and the right match for the intoxicating female fragrance, The One. Be an irresistible man with Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men cologne!

    Discount: £3.49

  • Perry Ellis 360° PurpleEau de Parfum for Women 100 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: PER0568

    Discount: £3.14

  • Justin Bieber The KeyEau de Parfum for Women 100 ml

    Without cellophane Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: JUS0116

    More information

    The sexy fragrance Justin Bieber The Key is specially designed for all admirers of the popular singer Justin Bieber but not only for them! The perfume will literally charge you with new energy and its sweet aroma will accentuate your sex-appeal! The Key comes in a white bottle with a golden lock. Justin Bieber The Key opens with refreshing fruit notes that perfectly blend with its floral heart. The creamy base notes include exotic wood, precious musk and exciting vanilla. The Key is perfect for day wear. Its seductive aroma will accompany you wherever you go. Be irresistible and enjoy a careless feeling with the exclusive womens perfume Justin Bieber The Key! The fragrance is well-suited for all young girls and women who are playful, trendy and love fashion. Launched in 2013, it is the third perfume by the singer Justin Bieber.  

    Discount: £1.75

  • La Sultane de Saba Champaka Fleurs TropicalesEau de Parfum unisex 100 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 98 % Beauty Code: LSL0026

    Discount: £4.54

  • Guy Laroche J'ai OséEau de Parfum for Women 30 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: GYU0395

    Discount: £1.75

  • Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di CalabriaEau de Toilette unisex 150 ml

    Without cellophane Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: ADP0858

    Discount: £7.68

  • Hermès Voyage d´HermesGift Set IV.

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: HER1381

    Discount: £5.24

  • M. Micallef Pure ExtremeEau de Parfum for Women 100 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: MIC0760

    Discount: £15.72

  • Benetton B. United Jeans ManEau de Toilette for Men 100 ml

    Without cellophane Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: BEN0324

    More information

    Benetton B. United Jeans Man is an extraordinary mens fragrance full of energy, self-confidence, sensuality and slight impertinence. B-United Jeans Man is a unique and spontaneous expression of a carefree lifestyle of a modern young man. Captivating floral and woody accords of Benetton B. United Jeans Man will let you enjoy the pleasure of absolute freshness, freedom and spontaneity to the maximum. These unique essences will truly enchant you! This luxurious and unmistakable mens perfume by Benetton is perfect for every occasion of your busy day. The exclusive mens perfume Benetton B. United Jeans Man is for all exceptional men who can show their feelings and attract a woman with their charm, courage and a sense of honour.  

    Discount: £1.40

  • Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto CollectionGift Set II.

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: SAF1225

    Discount: £2.10

  • THD Platinum Collection NoirAroma Diffuser With Refill 200 ml

    No box Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: THD0050

    More information

    Use 1. Unscrew the cap. 2. Insert the sticks into the bottle and spread them apart. Each stick acts as a wick that draws in the fragrance and gradually releases it into the air. You can control the strength of the scent by the number of sticks you put in the aroma diffuser. 3. Place the diffuser on a stable surface to prevent unexpected spilling of the contents. Do not place on varnished or plastic surfaces. The fragrance lasts up to several weeks. Important Keep out of reach of children. If the contents of the diffuser comes in contact with skin, wash it off immediately with plenty of water and soap. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with water for several minutes. Persons suffering from sensitivity to fragrances should use the product with caution.  

    Discount: £1.05

  • Bois 1920 Agrumi Amari di SiciliaEau de Toilette unisex 100 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 98 % Beauty Code: BOS0302

    Discount: £6.64

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