Fragrance Samples

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Find your new favourite fragrance for the upcoming season – or even for the next few years. Order small perfume samples and choose the best fragrance!

Why purchase fragrance samples:

  • A sample will allow you to test the fragrance as you like and decide whether you want to purchase the full size.
  • You can assess the perfume in the comfort of your home without any disruptions. You get a chance to let the fragrance develop and discover what it smells like after a while and how long it lasts.
  • A sample is also ideal for flying and other forms of travel. It barely takes up any space and can be used as a perfume miniature you can keep in your handbag and refresh your fragrance anytime during the day.

Our nose is only capable of distinguishing about 3 fragrances consecutively, so when you test perfumes in a shop, after some time you can hardly tell them apart. This is why you should order a few samples and test them individually – for instance only one fragrance a day. carries fragrance decants, fragrance mini spray samples as well as fragrance miniatures in beautiful bottles which come in luxurious, gift-wrapped sets. Choose from a selection of samples by famous brands as well as unusual niche houses.