Garnier cosmetics | Garnier – a wide selection, innovation, accessibility. The globally recognised cosmetics brand Garnier is part of the L’Oréal group, which also includes Maybelline and L’Oréal Paris, of course. The group includes many other stars of the beauty industry, including Lancôme, Vichy, La Roche-Posay, Kérastase, Redken, and Matrix.

Garnier was founded in 1904 in Blois, France, by the chemist Alfred Amour Garnier, who developed an innovative tonic on a natural base that used the positive properties of plants. The brand was later bought by the L’Oréal group. Despite Garnier becoming one of the largest brands, it is still loyal to its approach based on simplicity and openness, which helped it to gain its excellent position decades ago.

Garnier products are now sold in more than a hundred countries worldwide. The brand promotes a natural and youthful beauty and positive rather than artificial beauty, and combines high quality and innovation with availability. It is driven by its philosophy of a dynamic spirit and strong optimism.

The Garnier brand offers a broad portfolio of products, from body and skin care, sun protection products, and decorative cosmetics, through to its famous hair products. Since 1960, when Garnier became a pioneer in home hair dyeing, it has not stopped innovating and expanding its customer base, especially with its Nutrisse and Color Naturals ranges. Then, in 2012, Garnier revolutionised dyeing with its Olia range, its first permanent hair dye with natural floral oils and the alkaline agent MEA, which replaces the harmful and strong-smelling ammonia.

Some skin care products have also become extremely popular and they have done pioneering work, for example with BB cream, which many women cannot do without nowadays, or the smoothing, beautifying Perfect Blur 5 Sec. Nor should we neglect to mention the Ambre Solaire range for safe tanning, or their breakthrough effective antiperspirants.

Garnier offers solutions for an extremely wide range of cosmetic needs with highly innovative and quality products which are still affordable.

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