Automatic Curling Iron

Automatic curling iron
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No need to put your curlers in overnight to achieve the hairstyle you want. An automatic curling iron will bring the same result much quicker and with hardly any effort.

How Does an Automatic Curling Iron Work?

An automatic curling iron does most of the job for you – you just need to select the temperature, direction of curling and the right heating time. The iron will automatically wind a section of your hair into a special chamber where it gets heated from all directions. After a sufficient amount of time, the curling iron will signal that you need to proceed to another section. 

Curling your hair with an automatic curling iron takes 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the number of sections and their shape. Larger beach waves can be created quite fast, whereas tight locks take a little more time.

Main Benefits of Automatic Curling Iron:

  • It won’t burn your fingers or ears.
  • It heats up fast.
  • It curls your hair gently even at higher temperatures.
  • It offers many settings from temperature to automatic off switch.
  • The resulting curls last long.

How to Choose an Automatic Curling Iron?

When shopping for an automatic curling iron, pay attention to the material its rotating cylinder is made of:

  • curling iron with ceramic cylinder – for brittle and damaged hair
  • curling iron with tourmaline cylinder – strong and unruly hair

The diameter of the curling head is also important:

  • up to 1.9cm – for shorter hair or cute tight curls
  • more than 1.9cm – for longer hair or larger (beach) waves