Keratin hair treatment

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Shiny and glossy hair at first glance with no signs of colour fading; that is what you can enjoy, all thanks to keratin. The results of a keratin hair treatment are visible immediately after the first use.

What keratin is

Keratin is a fibrous structural protein that occurs naturally in our hair and nails. This protein creates a barrier that protects the skin against damage; moreover, it has positive effects on hair quality and growth as well as smoothness and shine. It is the amount of keratin that affects the straightness of hair – the more keratin there is, the straighter the hair. Insufficient amounts of keratin can be supplemented artificially by using keratin hair products which will ensure perfect-looking hair. 

Benefits and effects of keratin

  • Smooths and straightens hair with various textures, including very curly hair.
  • Strengthens and regenerates hair intensively from root to tip.
  • Protects dyed hair from fading.
  • The effects last for 3–4 months.

Will keratin treatment work for your hair?

Keratin hair treatment products are suitable for all hair types. It will help rejuvenate dry, thin and dyed hair, giving it a smooth texture, shine and strength!

  • Normal hair will benefit from keratin’s protective barrier against harmful free radicals.
  • Fine hair needs the delicate care that keratin treatment provides. It also prevents the hair from becoming any finer.
  • Damaged hair is a real challenge for keratin, which will deeply regenerate and strengthen it.
  • Dyed hair can often be damaged. Keratin will provide it with the strength that it needs, as well as regeneration and colour maintenance.

Products with keratin for radiant and healthy hair

  • Keratin shampoo is suitable for everyday use. Your hair will be stronger and free of impurities.
  • A regenerating keratin hair mask restores, strengthens and renews shine.
  • Keratin hair serums provide deep nourishment to your hair.
  • Keratin hair spray is quick and easy to apply. It will strengthen your hair and give it a glossy finish in just a few moments.

What about Brazilian keratin treatment? How is it different?

In addition to keratin hair products, there is a natural form of keratin treatment available. Brazilian keratin treatment is primarily meant to semi-permanently straighten the hair whilst nourishing it deeply. It differs especially in its application as it is applied like hair dye and consequently sealed in using a flat iron.

How can I apply Brazilian keratin treatment at home?

Brazilian keratin treatment does not require a visit to the hair salon – you can easily do it at home to achieve straighter and stronger hair. All you need is pure keratin, a hair straightener set to 220 °C and skilled hands. Always make sure to read the attached instructions before use.

Basic method for applying Brazilian keratin treatment at home:

  1. Wash your hair, towel dry and brush it thoroughly through.
  2. Apply the keratin to damp hair using a brush, starting about 1 cm away from the roots. For equal distribution, brush your hair again.
  3. Dry your hair and straighten individual strands using your hair straightening iron set to 220 °C.
  4. Do not wash your hair for at least three days, so that the keratin does not wash out.

Try keratin shampoos, keratin masks or keratin hair sprays from globally recognised brands such as Brazil Keratin, Keratin Classic or René Furterer to enjoy beautiful and shiny hair.