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Happy Horse Rabbit Richie Raspberry sleep toy
Happy Horse Rabbit Richie Raspberry sleep toy

Get your baby a little friend to help them fall asleep peacefully and without any fuss. The Happy Horse Rabbit Richie Raspberry sleeping buddy is made of material that feels lovely to the touch, plus the design is perfect for grabbing with little hands.


  • helps your baby fall asleep
  • makes your baby feel safe
  • can be used to cover your baby’s eyes while they sleep
  • practical design makes the toy easy to grab
  • can be used to wipe off saliva during teething
  • lovely little buddy for the baby’s cot
  • makes the baby feel like they’re holding something familiar, something of their own
  • suitable for babies including newborns

Happy HorseRabbit Richie Raspberry sleep toy

25 cm

In stock | £7.70 / 1 pcs , incl. VAT | Code: HHS00693
Tuesday 30/07/2024
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Tuesday 30/07/2024