Hello CocoPAP Teeth Whitening Kit

Hello Coco PAP Teeth Whitening Kit
Hello Coco PAP Teeth Whitening Kit
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LED Light for Teeth Whitening + Whitening Pen 3 pcs 2 ml

Thursday 09/12/2021
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Thursday 09/12/2021

Get a brilliant smile with only 16 minutes a day.

Who doesn’t want to have perfectly white teeth? Unfortunately, smoking or drinking coffee, wine and tea can make it quite difficult. The Hello Coco PAP+ Teeth Whitening Led Kit will whiten your teeth quickly and effectively, remove any unwanted stains and fortify your tooth enamel.

Plus, thanks to modern technologies you can track the results of the 16-minute whitening process on your phone. So smile, please!


  • whitens your teeth quickly and effectively
  • removes any stains and sediments from teeth
  • fortifies and nourishes tooth enamel
  • protects and revitalises gums
  • painless whitening for sensitive teeth

Ingredients of gel in the whitening pen:

  • PAP – scientifically certified ingredient, whitens teeth without pain, a safe alternative to peroxide
  • nHAp™ – replaces minerals in the damaged parts of enamel, strengthens and protects teeth
  • aloe vera extract – fortifies and nourishes tooth enamel
  • grapefruit oil – protects and revitalises gums

Technical specifications of the mouthpiece:

  • “cool blue light” technology – oxygenates PAP+ gel Hello Coco and warms it up to 40 °C to activate its maximum whitening effects
  • automatic off-switch after 16 minutes
  • can be connected to mobile phone (Android and iOS), compatible with computers thanks to USB

The set contains:

  • 3× whitening pen (12 applications, 3×2ml)
  • 1× mouthpiece with 24 LED
  • 1× whitening chart
  • 1× instructions

How to use:
Release the gel by twisting the bottom of the pen. Use the pen to apply the gel to the front of freshly brushed teeth in a thin layer. Avoid your gums. Place the mouthpiece with LED light in your mouth, connect it to your smartphone and switch it on. It will turn off automatically after 16 minutes. Use once every 7 days and then repeat the treatment after 6 weeks. Do not drink, eat or smoke for 1 hour after treatment.

Complete ingredients list

Aqua, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, PhthalImidoperoxyca proic Acid (PAP), Hydroxylapatite (HAp), Carbomer, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Menthol, Xylitol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Punica Granatum Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Mica, Sodium Hydroxide, Aroma/ Peppermint Oil The manufacturer is responsible for the ingredients of the product. We recommend checking the list of product ingredients directly on its packaging due to potential changes.
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Important warnings

Follow the instructions.
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