Highlighted hair

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Do you have beautiful new hair highlights? Don’t forget to take good care of your highlighted hair, then!

Hair highlights will weaken your hair a little; that is why it is important to give provide nutrition to heal highlighted hair and give it shine and strength. Products for hair highlights also help maintain the required hair colour and set off your highlights nicely.

Use a special mild shampoo for highlighted hair to wash your hair. If your hair highlights have an unwanted yellow tinge, use a silver shampoo to neutralise the yellow tones. After that, apply a conditioner or mask to revive the colour of your highlights. Products for the nourishment of highlighted hair contain lipid oils, Salina caper flower extracts, keratin and vitamin B5. Your hair will be beautifully smooth, soft, strong and shiny.

Notino.co.uk offers products for highlighted hair by the top brands. Try intensive caring masks, shampoos to highlight your hair colour or conditioners with violet pigments that neutralise the yellow tinge of your hair highlights. You will definitely find a suitable product for you in our great offer.