Candle Holders

Enjoy the aroma of your favourite candles in a safe and stylish manner. A modern ceramic or glass tea-light holder will make any room look simply perfect! It creates a lovely atmosphere and becomes a stylish little piece which adds a cosy character to your home. Plus it’s a handy way to protect your surfaces from spilled wax or fire.

Glass Candle Holder to Protect Both You and Your Furniture

Votive candle holders are more than just a home accessory. While the clear or cut-glass design of the holder creates an interesting ambiance, it also protects your furniture. Use a holder with your votive candle or tea light and you don’t have to worry about spilled wax. Candle holders also lower the risk of fire in case you forget to snuff out the candle before you leave the house.

Take your pick from our selection of glass and ceramic holders for tea lights and votive candles by Yankee Candle or 54 Celsius and enjoy the intoxicating scent of your favourite candles in a lovely atmosphere.