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Joanna PEHology scalp exfoliator
Joanna PEHology scalp exfoliator
Joanna PEHology scalp exfoliator
Hair typeall hair types
Active ingredientsglycolic acid
Scalp skin typeall scalp types

Unlock the secret to beautiful hair through conscious care that maintains the essential PEH balance—proteins, emollients, and humectants. Joanna PEHology scalp peeling is a step towards a balanced, revitalized scalp and truly beautiful hair. 


  • designed to revitalize your scalp, ensuring the ideal PEH balance
  • effectively cleanses the scalp of accumulated sebum
  • removes dead skin cells and residual hair products
  • regular use clears clogged pores on the scalp and hair follicles
  • regulates the epidermis renewal process and the secretion of sebum


  • fruit acids – these powerful acids are the key to the scalp-cleansing magic, removing excess sebum, dead skin, and product buildup

How to apply:
Apply Joanna PEHology scalp peeling to your dry scalp. Gently massage with your fingertips, ensuring even coverage. Leave it on for 5–10 minutes to work its magic. Rinse thoroughly. Follow up with your regular shampoo and hair care routine. Use this scalp-peeling treatment 1–2 times a week, ideally before your regular hair wash.

JoannaPEHology scalp exfoliator

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