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Kallos Oxi peroxide cream 6%
Kallos Oxi peroxide cream 6%
PurposeProfessional Hair Dye

You simply can’t change your hair colour without certain products. Kallos Oxi 6% cream peroxide is an essential part of hair colouring, lightening or highlighting. It gently lightens your hair by up to 2 shades, helping you create exactly the style you dream of.


  • works as an oxidiser during hair-dyeing or highlighting
  • gently lightens hair
  • gentle product that protects hair from damage
  • prolongs the intensity and staying power of your colour
  • creamy texture makes it easy to mix and apply

How to apply:
Mix the product with your favourite hair dye in the correct ratio and apply according to instructions.

KallosOxi peroxide cream 6%

for professional use 1000 ml

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For professional use only