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Kallos KJMN Hydrogen Peroxide peroxide cream 9%
Kallos KJMN Hydrogen Peroxide peroxide cream 9%
PurposeProfessional Hair Dye

It’s possible to lighten the shade of hair while keeping it looking healthy. All you need is the right, gentle bleach. The creamy 9% KJMN Hydrogen Peroxide Emulsion 30 vol. is a stabilised emulsion for hair dye and hair bleach which offers amazing lightening effects with a healthy appearance.


  • creates a perfect shade or highlights, lifts hair colour by several shades
  • gentle and creamy formula
  • intended for professional or home use


  • stabilising complex – easily penetrates the hair
  • free of fragrance and aggressive chemicals

How to use: 
Choose the concentration and amount based on the recommendation in the instructions. Add the 9% hydrogen peroxide emulsion to 60ml of the KJMN hair dye and a 15–20ml of the shade Mixton. Apply the dye to unwashed, dry hair.

KallosKJMN Hydrogen Peroxide peroxide cream 9%

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